Saturday, June 18, 2022

Have we lost the customer in customer service?


When I opened my company back up after retiring to return to speaking and training, it was very evident the changes in how we deal with and interact with our residents and customers has been altered significantly.   The day of calling a property or company and getting a real live human being are long gone.  While some of this has been a gradual change over the years, some of it has also been related to COVID and other excuses, which has in some cases forced us to revert to technology rather than human contact. 

Now I’ve been in the industry for more than a couple of decades and have witnessed us going from answering machines and ledger cards to everything being technology driven.  Some say this is for the good, while I know having talked to the real humans out there and reviewing comments, reviews, and ratings, the customer or residents for the most part are not happy.   This includes those that totally depend on technology being frustrated with their inability to go back to the basics of communicating and a desire for real customer service. People are now being lost in the internet or trapped in a circle of “press this if you want that,” scenarios without any real human interaction. 

When I made the decision to go back to doing workshops, seminars, and keynotes, I first made a commitment to build an extensive database of not just associations (both state and local), but also of management companies of all sizes and locations.  Let me say, it has been both labor intensive and eye opening.   While I have hundreds of contacts in the business through experience, LinkedIn, IREM, NAA, Facebook, and other platforms, I knew there were hundreds and maybe more than a thousand resource contacts out there that were going to take some detective work; and in my case, using some of my military intelligence skills to drill down and tap into and find these resources.    This is where my frustration came into light and discovering the frustrations of our residents and even prospects came into play.

I started by using platforms such as to discover not just the primary and larger property management companies, but also wanted to tap into the smaller and mid-size companies that may not have a large training and employee enrichment program and department.   I then visited their web sites to identify key contacts, corporate office locations, phone numbers, and the number of apartments and communities if that was available.   This is the first trend I was seeing where some management companies did not even have a phone number where someone could contact them on their web site or listed their corporate office physical address.   It raised the question, why would they not want that available to the public and what were they afraid of by not disclosing this information.   I also found “contact” pages where you could not ask a general question or request a contact, with the only option being to put a property you were interested in could not move forward.   There were many sites where unless you were a resident with an apartment number as reference, you were stuck in perpetuity, unable to go any further.   I also found that a vast majority of property management companies who had phone numbers listed were on an automated system and you couldn’t even press “0,” to get a human because it circled you back to the original message of pressing numbers or if only you knew the extension of of the person you were calling could you get to the next level.  My first statistic was how many companies had a number to press for a dial by name directory, only to find out it was not set up or didn’t work.  I found that 57.6% of companies with a dial by name directory didn’t work and took me back to the original message.  It reminded me of a video game that unless you eliminated all the adversaries in the game, only then could you get to the next level and if you could not, sorry you were stuck.   This raised my desire to look at reviews and ratings on various platforms from Google to and others, to see if residents or others were frustrated and confused by the lack of ability to communicate with someone “up the ladder,” so to speak.   What I found was again not only eye opening, but disturbing.  I started taking statistics when this pattern emerged and out of 275 management companies contacted, only 11.3% were you able to talk to a human being.   This equates to 244 companies out of the 275 where a living, breathing human was involved. It used to be if you pressed zero, you at least got a receptionist or someone to answer the phone.   In 87.1% of the cases where I pressed zero, it circled you back to the original message and the endless circle of frustration.  WTH?

Postings of reviews from residents on various platforms were showing the same frustration with hundreds and hundreds of notations saying they had the same experience, and comments were emerging from residents saying such things as, “Can’t wait for my lease to expire because you can never get anyone in the corporate or regional offices.”  Google searches through BBB and Dunn and Bradstreet listings did result in some numbers, with quite a few of them being older numbers that were disconnected or rang with no one ever answering.   I had one company that I was bound and determined to get a corporate contact because if was apparent, they could use someone’s help with resident and guest service.   On multiple sites there were reviews and ratings where both residents and guests were frustrated and could not get past the site personnel who would not even give them a phone number at the corporate office.  Several times I read, “they were informed not to give it out.”   AYSM, is an acronym you can figure out for yourself.  As I said, I was determined with this one company.   No phone number, no contact page on their web site, nothing and a company that had as they stated 22 communities.   I decided to call one of their properties here in Florida and you guessed it, a human did not answer the phone.  It did give me the option of leaving a cell number for a return text message (yes, that was how they stated it), or a phone number if I preferred a call or didn’t do text messaging.  I clearly stated in the voicemail I was looking for their corporate contact information and why.   I chose the latter and waited for the call.   About an hour later I get a text message (not what I asked for) asking what size apartment I was inquiring about.  Apparently, they didn’t listen to the voice mail or maybe chose to ignore it, because I was very clear as to why I was calling.   I did the call again and one more time requested a call and not a text and got the same result (Stupidity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result).  This time when the response came back a text message I replied asking if they could please call me.   Two days later, I finally get a call and she asked what size apartment I was interested in.   Again, maybe you should listen to your voice mail and not just calling someone back.   Anyway, I told her I did speaking and training in the apartment industry and asked if she could give me the corporate office phone number.   Her response was and I quote, “Can I ask what for?”  I repeated myself as to what I did and for a second time asked her for her corporate office number.   She replied, “I’m sorry I don’t have that.”   I asked, “you’re telling me as the manager of a property you don’t have the number to your corporate office.”  She said, “It’s not that I don’t have it (ok you just lied to me), I’m not allowed to give it to you.”  You can’t make this stuff up.   I then had to reply, “so if I’m a resident and not happy and want to speak to a regional or someone in your corporate office you would not give it to me?”  Her response was classic.   “In that case I would be happy to relay your message to someone and they would review and call you back if they needed to.”   I had to write it down because I was flabbergasted in what I was hearing.   On a side note, their rating on of the main review sites was 1.3%.  Out of 22 local sites I called for a corporate office number, only 53% of them would give me the number.    Again, what are they afraid of?

More trends started showing up when I called corporate numbers (mostly large and a few not large national companies).   First, if you were able to leave a message only 6.3% of those companies returned my phone call.   At least have the courtesy to call me back and say you’re not interested or thanks for contacting us.   Out of the 275 companies I researched on the web, 37% of them didn’t have a “leadership,” tab, and of those that did have one only 38.9% listed other than the president, owners, and top executives and not the boots on the ground type people.   Of those that had other than top level executives listed, only 4.6% of those people had an email associated with the person’s picture and bio or a way to send them a message.   In researching reviews, I also witnessed “canned” responses from companies and properties not to mention the lack of a response in many cases for both favorable or unfavorable reviews.   We complain about negative reviews; however, either don’t know how to or are afraid to rebut or respond leaving those that do their homework on finding a new home asking the question, “Do they really care?”

Call me old fashioned, but I still believe our residents and prospects want human contact and human service, and not artificial intelligence or artificial communication as I call it.   This is very apparent in the hundreds and hundreds of reviews and rating comments I witnessed on the various platforms.   When COVID hit, I know staffing suddenly was a challenge and it was easier to go to technology than to pay someone to actually answer calls and review messages and emails in detail.   I get it that this industry like many were struggling to keep staff because the government was paying them more in unemployment and extra benefits than they were making at work.   I understand our industry has evolved and will continue to do so in the future.   We went from physical showings to virtual presentations and processes, and the excuse was a virus caused the change; however, I also heard so many of us wanting to return to some sort of “normalcy.”   I’m just not sure this new normal is providing the service our residents really want.  

You can’t go to McDonalds now and order from a human who might smile and thank you for their order, and are forced in many cases to use a “kiosk,” to place an order.  Good luck if you want a special order such as a Big Mac with not middle bun, because there is no where on their system to put it.   Basically, you are left to stopping an associate and telling them before they make it or just removing it when you get your sandwich.   Try calling customer service at Amazon or any of the hundreds of other companies, or even just finding their phone number and having to resort to submitting a ticket online for help.   I had done some traveling recently and decided to visit some apartment communities in the multiple markets and found some properties that don’t show apartments unless you have an appointment.   YHGTBKM (yes, figure that one out).   I walked into one property where there were no prospects in the office and two associates sitting behind their desk not engaged in other activities and I was informed unless I had an appointment through their web site, they were not allowed to show me an apartment.   And by the way, neither of them got up from their desk or came around from the barrier they were behind to welcome me or make me feel welcome.  Is this a reflection of the new normal?  Is this where I industry is going?  Is this how we want our residents to feel that there is no one who cares or no one else they can turn to for help?   I hope not.  

We are in a very vulnerable position right now with rents raising by double digits and our resident’s income is not increasing at the same rate.   We are in a very vulnerable position where home interest rates having been recently raised (largest since the 1980’s as recently reported) causing two conditions.  First our owner’s ability to borrow just changed and the NOI and cap rates are going to require even further increases when our residents are having a hard time as it is to meet an owner’s expected return.    Home prices have skyrocketed and the average person now can’t afford to buy a home, and can’t afford the rents being asked in many markets.  There are only two practical results that are possible and that is our residents will have to alter their lifestyle and go to a lower-level grade apartment where the inventory is not going to change in the near future and the demands will increase, or get a second job so they can afford the lifestyle they desire and have worked for.  We are at the tip of a double-edged sword and only those with exceptional resident and guest service will survive because that is the one thing that will at least give them some sense of hope and that we care.   We focus on leases when we should be focusing on retention.   We give bonuses base on leases, when we should be giving bigger bonuses for retention.  We should be focusing on people and not technology (both staff and residents/prospects), because until we are leasing to robots, it all boils down to the human experience and not the ability to use a mouse or a cell phone because it also boils down to how we make people feel.   That my friends, will never change.

I continue my research for my contact list I will continue to monitor the statistics; however, don’t expect them to reflect any improvement for our residents and guests.  I am afraid not for what I have found, but where we are inevitably going.  To an industry that is following technology, and not following what our residents and guest really want.

Friday, June 3, 2022

New Web Site

My new web site is finally done and even has an audio of one of my NAA presentations I gave on leadership in it.   So far retirement has allowed me to complete some honey-due items, and also allowed me to two other things.  First, it has provided the time to build a database of contacts in both the apartment industry and the fair and festival industry.   What you may not know is that in addition to over 30 years in property management, I have spent the last four years working as the GM for the Osceola County Fair here in Florida.   What an exciting new chapter in my life as I managed one of the largest and most successful fairs in the state of Florida.   I finished the fair in February 2022 before announcing my retirement, ending on a high note. The fair this year had the highest gate admission revenue and highest carnival revenue for the nonprofit I was running in the 78-year history of the fair.  Pretty cool accomplishment and during the last four plus years I have met and become friends with so many wonderful people.  Second thing is I now have two industries to service and expand helping others exceed and excel, which is something I have always had a passion for.   Being in the fair and festival industry allowed me to present for state associations, and also as a keynote speaker for the International Association of Fairs and Events.    

So now as I enter the next chapter in life, I have found new excitement. I return to doing workshops, seminars, and keynotes in the multi-family industry which in my heart I never left and continued to do even as a fair manager, and I have found a new path to travel in the fair industry.  Another bonus is, I am able to continue my writing with my fourth novel in the works and a fifth one planned.  So, did I really retire?   Probably never will and as long as the good Lord allows me, keep moving forward.   Reminds me of a book by Charlie Mackesy called "The Boy, the Mole, the Fox, and the Horse and a very relevant quote from it:

I can't see a way through," said the boy. 

"Can you see your next step?" 


"Just take that," said the horse.

Tuesday, May 24, 2022


 As many of you know I have retired from facility and property management and reopened my company called Wizardry Enterprises to continue speaking and training.  As my wife says, I'll never fully retire.  

My passion for sharing information has always been strong, and I have been so blessed to have the opportunity in helping others excel and exceed over the last 30 years.   Even though I have worked with Fortune 500 companies, my primary industries have of course been property management and the fair and facility industry.  This has allowed me to speak with organizations such as the National Apartment Association as well as the International Association of Fairs Expositions, having presented for their national conferences and state affiliates.  We are finishing up the new web site but for now have a temporary one at

With new opportunities comes new adventures and I am looking forward to this next one in my life.   


Sunday, August 9, 2020

Fateful Voyage is complete and available

 I am so glad book three is done and released.  For anyone that is an author, you know the feeling when on that final page you type, "The End."  So far sales are going great and hope you enjoy.  Please, make sure you write a review after reading.  



Here’s what’s been said about the Wizard series:


“Hard to stop reading once I got into it.  Really enjoyable.”

“Magic and illusion save the day again.”

“His commitment to entertaining the reader shows throughout.”

“Would recommend to anyone seeking a fun read.”

“If you like suspense, thrillers, espionage, and spies, you’ll love this series.”

Jonathan Barrow is a world-renowned illusionist; however, he holds another secret only known by the President and a few within the Pentagon. Under the President’s Book of Secrets, he follows in the footsteps of other well-known magicians filling the role for decades beginning with Harry Houdini. His code name, Wizard. Fateful Voyage takes the MAGIC team on a mission they never intended to undertake. This next chapter in the Wizard series will lead them on a high seas voyage of intrigue and danger. Organized crime in Venezuela controls most of the country including the government. A crime lord within the country intends on pirating the newest and largest cruise liner in the American fleet, which is scheduled to set sail on its inaugural cruse with a newly formed company called Royal American. This voyage is loaded with celebrities, dignitaries, government officials, actors and actresses, and some of the most influential and wealthiest people in the world. Their goal, take over the massive ship, rob it of the casino cash and guest valuables, then hold the passengers for ransom which could be in the billions. Hired mercenaries, members of the Venezuelan mafia, and electronics experts have what they believe is a foolproof plan. Their goal, to take control of the ship including; getting onboard stinger missile batteries and other sophisticated weapons to make their efforts pay off bigtime. Having the high-end guest list held as hostages and a significant weapons cache onboard, their actions are expected to prevent retaliation or action by the United States military. Jonathan was hired as the entertainment for the Magic of the Seas maiden voyage, and as a reward for previous successful missions Jonathan has invited his team to join him onboard for a relaxing and fun filled excursion. Little do they know; the cruise is about to steer on a course that could end in tragedy. On the other hand, the crime lords have no idea the MAGIC team is onboard, which could totally disrupt their plans if they're successful. The exciting and harrowing ending leads to discoveries about Jonathan, and what real magic he may possess.

Friday, May 22, 2020

Thinking Out Of The Box

With what has happened over the last few months, creativity is key in resident retention, leasing, and in keeping your staff motivated.  Who would have thought this virus would basically stop the world from turning and our country and the apartment industry on its head?  Job losses, furloughs (which is basically a temporary job loss), and creating situations which have impacted our teams have complicated operations and how we do business.  Virtual apartment showings, dealing with higher delinquency because millions are on unemployment, social distancing, and so much more have created an environment where thinking outside the box is not only prudent, but necessary.  

Many of us went through the downturn in 2008 and 2009, and that that was bad.  We're now in a situation where it's not economic based; however, it is.  We are now faced with challenges we think that are out of our control; however, in some ways they are.  This is where creativity meets results or lack of it meets failure.  I recently responded to a posting by a property manager who said prospects would only do in person viewings when her company would not allow them.  I suggested issuing a satisfaction guarantee, but only if she was confident in her product and her property.  She indicated her company was not interested in that after she approached them and her regional said that was a "not financially good idea."  I simply shook my head after getting her response thinking closed minded approaches can lead to closed or empty properties.  

We cannot be afraid to think outside the box, nor should we be afraid to throw everything on the wall and see what sticks as I like to say.  These are challenging and unique times, and for that it demands different and unique approaches to get us through these times.  I say don't just think outside of the box, but be prepared to build a new one.  

Good luck,


Sunday, November 11, 2018

Changing Leadership Principles

I was recently interviewed regarding leadership and how it has changed in the last 20 years. Remember the word spider, I’ll explain later.  The changes we have seen over the past two generations and have complicated three environments related to leadership and those being the Home, Work, and The Social environments. 

                We start with the home.  So, I’m at thanksgiving dinner around a table of twelve and I see my nephew glancing down occasionally with the random snicker and look up at his sister across the table.  She would do the same and realized they are communicated with cryptic messages to a satellite a few hundred miles in space and then back down to earth when they are only four feet away.  Social skills are now in tweets and IM’s, and it is getting worse and also transfers to the other environments.  Kids spend so much time with a game controller in their hand, which at the touch of a button resets the circumstances and gives them an extra life.  I hate to shock these generation but in the real world there are no reset buttons or extra lives.  Kids today expect everything right now including their food within minutes of making the call but fail to realize relationships both business and personal take time, effort and real communication and friendship is not an event it is a process. Look at the average of 5-7 hours both before work and after work which used to be called family time.  How many can say they are involved with an electronic device rather than thoughtful and constructive communication during that short time together.  No, learning Klingon while watching Star Trek is not constructive or meaningful in the real world. 

                Discipline has been thrown out the window, and God forbid you spank your child for acting like an ass in a public location because within minutes the video will be on Youtube if you give the well-deserved subject a tap on the bottom, as you will be labeled and subject to child cruelty.  In my day, if you called the cops because your dad took a switch to you, they would ask if you learned anything.  You came home from school, did your homework, went out to play before dinner, had dinner with your entire family and there were no electronic devices or complaints unless mom served broccoli as I hated the stuff, then went back out until dark.  And now you have 26 year olds still living in their parents basements, coming home to seclude themselves in the room chatting and playing video games, texting with their friends  while sitting on a couch rubbing their fuzzy comfort animal to feel good about life.  We have generations failing who lack the social and motivational tools to be productive in society and we wonder why the suicide rate is so high.  The they go on the occasional date with a group rather than someone because of the “pack” environment which has been created, sporting the dog or cat hair on their clothing from previously mentioned comfort animal and wonder why they only have 2-3 really good friends.  And when they do go out they are threatened with the possibility they could miss the tweet of the century, only to ignore others and constantly check to make sure you have not been unfriended by someone in your social heirachy. And the clincher, everyone gets a reward for participating but God forbid there only is a 1st and 2nd place trophy because it will tramatize them to where they need a comfort animal or special food.  Sorry people, but in life and business there are no participation awards only winners and losers.  Promotions and opportunities are earned, not deserved because you feel they should be.  “I just don’t understand why I didn’t get the VP position.  I deserved it as an up and coming employee.” “Well, Bob who got the position has closed several contracts and you have not.  He has been with the company for 10 years and you have been here three months.”  “I can’t believe you said that.  My feelings are hurt and you have no right to criticize me.  I think I need the rest of the day off and some hot coco.”  “Well, you go ahead and take the rest of the day.  Come to think of it, why don’t you take forever off as we don’t need that kind of attitude.”  “You can’t fire me, I’ll sue you.”   “Fine, have your attorney contact our attorney, Hell, Freeze, and Over.” 

                The home environment has changed and impacted the work environment, which is the second spider in the equation.  My first job at 14 was working on a rabbit farm, and you can guess what I cleaned up for 75 cents an hour and was glad to get it.  Wages have increased in the last ten years more than the previous 30 together combined and these entitled people are not happy with it.  Now, someone gets upset they retaliate with a gun and shoot up an office.  When I grew up many of us in the winter had a shotgun in our vehicle and hunted after school.  We all carried knives and no one got shot or was stabbed.  Today if you walk into a school with a baseball bat you have to lock it up in the school safe instead of being able to take it in the classroom because it’s not a sports item, it’s a weapon.  People work from home, missing the interaction with others.  They hold video meetings to earn your business dressed in a shirt and tie, but because of the camera view you don’t seem them in their underwear.  In 1984 the first cell phone was released and were called the “brick.”  If you ever saw or had one of these you understand and they weighed over two pounds.  It cost $3,900 and had a talk time of 30-40 minutes.  With today’s phones and cameras, these younger generations fail to realize that lude photo you took at a frat party in college now can be found on the web by a potential employer. 

                Which takes us to the next spider on the web being the social environment, which has connections to the other two environments being work and home.  Now you can see why I mentioned the word spider because each of these is cross connected with the others on the web of life,.  If you dislike someone there probably was no direct personal interaction outside of social media and it’s easier to just unfriend them, even though you have known them for years and don’t want the possible controversy associated with whatever it is.  Violence and destruction and protesting is not the answer.  Mix in politics and you have what I call the circle of strife versus the circle of life.  Webster’s definition of strife is the bitter disagreement over fundamental issues.  Sound familiar?  When did it change the individual rights of some to enjoy a meal or go shopping should include shouting and cursing of others in a public setting and believes their rights are more important than someone’s else’s and condemning what a person does rather than who the person is.  Try at work saying no person can use their cell phone during work time or be on Facebook/Twitter, realizing you are there to work not for the entertainment within your social life.  Lord forbid you did that as you might traumatize an employee who now needs additional comfort time because their behavior was unacceptable and it couldn’t be their fault because they have been taught there are no winners or losers, just participants.  They will tell you this is not fair and you have hurt their feelings and they have to bring their comfort animal to work with them in order to cope with the hostile work environment.  Get a life people. This is business and there are no rewinds or comfort foods, no participation trophies or someone else to blame.  Because of the work and home environment changes, social environments have changed and we speak in metaphors, GIF’s, and symbols and bits of information instead of a full dialog.  Today you may be someone’s mother but you may be downgraded from BFF for someone else because you took their phone away when they were not doing what they should have been doing.  It’s more important to be liked on social media, as that status is more about what how people “feel”, than who you are.   Get over it cupcakes, your feelings will not bring you great success or happiness in the end. Who you "choose" to associate with becomes you.  Who you choose associate with can dictate your life.  And last and most important, who you choose as friends and associate with limits your perspective on life as being liked become more important than being you.  You can pick your nose and you can pick your friends.  Both can lead to unsanitary life conditions you allow to be created.  

I am positive some reading this who are in or on the cusp of some of the younger generations are at this time unfriending me or cursing me out because how dare I challenge their generation to bring back values such as respect, earning what you get, contributing to society instead of making up your own society, telling them their feelings are irrelevant, or calling them out for who they are and how they act.  If that’s the case, I have made my point and so be it.  Everyone of these environments (spiders) is inter-webbed with the others.  Everything is connected between these three environments and the exponent of 3 is 27 meaning there are 27 different interconnections.  Leadership has changed, but the core principals of effective leadership have been successful for generations until recently.  Now we face generations who demand or feel they deserve a different approach, just because they “feel” they are different.  Once again, hate to shock them but you’re not special, your feelings are not in play, and a comfort hedgehog will not replace personal interaction and make the world better for you as we are all the same….people in an ever changing world.   


Friday, October 12, 2018

Workshops for 2019

Really excited about the lineup for 2019 and the workshops I am presenting.  Seems I have received quite a few inquiries regarding my emergency preparedness workshop in light of the recent hurricane to hit the southeast.  Had one company say, "We should have contacted you months ago."  Just remember disaster doesn't have to be in the event of a hurricane but can be a winter storm, summer storm, tornado, fire, flood, or even that major crime event that makes the news.

Please contact me regarding how I can assist you with your education and training needs, or maybe just that keynote for your corporate conference (or both).

Everything boils down to leadership, period end.  Leadership is not a born trait, but one learned and many times governed by those that have led us as well as those we emulate.  This workshop helps others find the leader in them, identify key leadership characteristics of success, and discover leadership is not a title with anyone having the ability to act as a leader.  Learn what your leadership style is and what it means through this interactive and participative workshop.  This award-winning presentation will provide leadership development tools and provide key aspects of leadership skills I learned at Disney.
Budgets can be intimidating as can the financial reporting that goes along with it.  Truth is, it doesn’t have to be this scary process managers dread.  Revealed will be tips and tricks to take the fear out of budget time which also will develop skills associated with monthly analysis of financials and reporting.  Included are templates to assist in the budget process, as well as critical techniques and tools to provide a more confident a approach and take fear and intimidation out of the equation so you get a better budget which can be sold.
Disasters can occur at any time and in many shapes.  Tornado’s, floods, winter and summer storms, hurricanes, fire, earthquake, are just a few events which can have an impact on a property manager, owner, and company. How will you or your team handle an emergency and are they ready for the unexpected.  This workshop provides the templates and knowledge to be prepared when the unexpected hits and guides the attendees in formulating a plan for preparedness.
This workshop was developed with the intent of informing and educating not just managers, but your entire support team.  Service is such a critical part of the success of any site. Having a better understanding of the service side of the business benefits your employees in gaining a better perspective of the services maintenance performs, preparing them for the next level of advancement with a higher knowledge base, and reinforcing what they must do in support to the overall service mission.  Studies still show the biggest reason residents leave is because of lack of or poor service, not their rent.  What are you doing to maximize resident retention and in support of your service teams when it relates to maintenance?
Created and designed to cover two key areas which are critical to improving NOI.  The first area deals with our employees and team members, who are the foundation to your organizations success.  What can we do regarding training, communication, and creating inspiration that makes them want to do their job not because they have to…but because they want to?  How do we create excitement in the workplace so it inspires excellence?  Second, what can we do to create excellence for our residents so the last thing on their mind is giving you a notice to vacate?  What do your residents really want when it comes to amenities, activities, communication, and feeling they are part of a community?  How do we create excellence while dealing with things like rent collection, lease enforcement, the renewal process, and service?  How can excellence through excitement be transferred to your brand identity, marketing, and reputation within your market?